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The Lexington Kentucky based Records Removal Service is now saying on their web site that they are no longer accepting clients and have not been since “earlier this year.”  Records Removal Service’s poor business practices earned “F” ratings from the […]

Missouri as enacted a new expungement law that expands the rights of former offenders to have certain offenses expunged from the record.  In doing so, Missouri has joined a growing list of states that recognize the many sound public policy […]

Oklahoma House Bill 3091, which goes into affect on November 1, 2012, will make it easier for people with dismissed cases, misdemeanors, and non-violent felony convictions to have their record expunged.

Ohio Bill number 337, which was signed into law on June 26, 2012, will expand  eligibility requirements for sealing.  Under statute 2953.32, a person is only eligible to file for sealing if they were a first offender.  Statute 2953.31 defined […]

Expungement is a necessary remedy for people to successfully move past criminal convictions and remain positive members of society. Tennessee’s recent expansion of expungement law takes the remedy beyond the correction of state mistakes or misconduct to instead afford a […]

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