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Indiana’s expungement law is one of the strictest in the country. The current law only allows for the expungement of a record if a person was arrested, but no charges were filed in court. The law does not currently allow […]

There are thousands of individuals in the state of Kentucky with past felony convictions. Expungements are currently unavailable for these individuals, and as a result, they are branded for life, unable to take more personal responsibility for bettering their lives. […]

Not every conviction is eligible for expungement, and there are limited options for individuals with certain convictions. If you are not eligible for an expungement due to the nature of your case, a pardon may be your next option towards […]

In the past, the sealing of a criminal record in Oklahoma has been a generally rare occurrence.  While expungement of criminal records as allowed by law are more prevalent in the state, judges are more likely to be hesitant to […]

The efforts of Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez in New Mexico have proven to be a success in the House, as Senate Bill 294 passed 40 to 26. The Bill is now in the hands of Governor Susana Martinez for […]

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