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Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that increases the benefits of a California expungement.  With the passage of Senate Bill 530, employers are now prohibited from asking an applicant to disclose information regarding a conviction that has been […]

Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia passed a new revision to the state’s expungement law on May 2, 2012. The law governing the expungement, restriction, correction, and supplementation of criminal records in the state of Georgia. The new revision, which goes […]

In Maine, a state that provides limited relief to those with a criminal history, many are undergoing the grueling and costly process of obtaining a pardon so that they can live their lives without being affected by the mistakes they […]

Last month, the proposed expansion to PA expungement law, Senate Bill 391,was referred to the Appropriations Committee where it needs to be scheduled for consideration by the Chairman, State Senator Corman. The bill being proposed would allow more people to […]

Lead contributor in support of Senator Roderick Wright’s bill, Attorney Mathew Higbee, is working towards expanding benefits for California’s current expungement law. Expected to be approved by the committee, SB 530 will provide greater benefits to former offenders. Higbee is […]

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