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Oklahoma House Bill 3091, which goes into affect on November 1, 2012, will make it easier for people with dismissed cases, misdemeanors, and non-violent felony convictions to have their record expunged.




  1. Expands the ability to expunge misdemeanor and felony charges for dismissed cases.
  2. Expands the ability to expunge misdemeanor cases that resulted in successful completion of deferred adjudication
  3. Expands the ability to expunge non-violent felonies cases that resulted in successful completion of deferred adjudication
  4. Allows misdemeanor convictions to be expunged after 10 years if the person has no other convictions or charges pending.


The bill can be found at:


For information about Oklahoma expungement, please contact Michael Risley at 405.801.2116.

Written by Mathew Higbee, Esq

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  1. Anthony says:

    Question! We the united stated are supposed to act as one . A free and great country being told, clearly not being taught how go treat everyone equally no matter of sex, origin, religion and other criteria yet we do not act as one. We elect one president for all of the United States yet we only allow second chances to each other depending on where you live. What difference does it make if one robs a bank in Florida or California. None unless we are being bribed and lied to by our so called great country. We cannot progress towards bettering ourselves and our country if we don’t all put forth an effort to back what we all say is right or wrong. A mistake remains a mistake until acknowledgment and advancement towards a positive outcome. The u.s will bail out car companies and banks who made mistakes but not help individuals that impact the society the same as both are run by people. If we’re not willing to turn the cheek sometimes and turn a mistake into a learning experience then is the country any better than the person who commuted a crime? We need to make a change towards bettering our country as a whole not dividing it claiming to be one.

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