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A new law was passed in North Carolina which allows people that were once ineligible to clear their record, to now be able to do so. The law was signed on July 16, 2012 by Governor Bev Perdue and changes the requirements regarding having a criminal record expunged. An expungement erases the record and it is treated as though it never occurred. Therefore, a person can deny the arrest, indictment, charges, trial, conviction, and all other court proceedings relating to the expunged case.

The law allows non-violent misdemeanor and felony convictions to be eligible for expungement after 15 years has passed with no subsequent criminal convictions. Before the law passed a person was not eligible to expunge the record if they were convicted unless they were a juvenile offender, first-time drug offender under 21 years of age, or a minor convicted of being in possession of alcohol. This will allow many people who have been convicted of a crime to move forward with their life and remove the conviction from their record.

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  1. Jose Novoa says:

    I feel this is a major move in establishing a persons record. I wish other states will consider this Foe example Florida. I was a former police officer an over six years ago I was charged with Official perjury a felony here . I lost everything from my carrier to my personal life. I have never had any other subsequent event in my life an now I’m stuck with this for ever. Someone please talk to our Florida officials an bring this law here . So that others don’t suffer like I am now.

  2. GB says:

    This is a great move by North Carolina! I say that because I fall into that category of getting my felony removed. Having a felony, for me over 25 yrs old, is definetly a life sentence. People always say “everyone makes mistakes” but then when it’s getting a job time it’s a total 180. I was extremely lucky enough to get in the military 20yrs ago with a waiver and about to retire in 9 months and this law is out. I will have my expungement before I get out in 9 months.

    The moral to the story is do not let a stupid mistake get you completely stop you. Throughout my career I always wondered what would happen once I retired with this on my record/ I always stayed positive and hped military service for 20yrs would overshadow my jackup. Please stay positive, I know it’s hard, a stay out of trouble.
    Hopefully years down the road the US in general will make a change for a person’s stupid mistakes. I say stupid mistakes like breaking and entering(me), larceny, petty thief, shoplifting,possession, etc should have “1 free pass” in life especially in you were under 18yrs old, not murder, habitual law breakers,rape. The laws have got to change. America doesn’t want crime but will not give you a job. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!

  3. ann cheekd says:

    I live in Georgia,was convicted over 15 years ago,felony theft by taking,paid resitution,did probation,sentenced under first offender got revoked for minor offense,am I elligible for espungment after 15years no problem,not been in trouble

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