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On Tuesday, the Indiana House passed a bill that would allow expungement of arrests and convictions after a waiting period has lapsed. Currently, Indiana has a sealing law that allows a person to seal their record if it is a misdemeanor or class D felony. The new bill, House Bill 1482, would expand the amount of people eligible because some class B and C felonies would be eligible to be expunged. However, there are limitations under the bill. For instance, there is a five year waiting period since completion of sentence and violent crimes and sex crimes are not eligible.

In the House, the bill was passed 82 to 17 and was sponsored by Republicans Jud McMillin, Matt Ubelhor, and Eric Turner and Democrats Gregory Porter, Linda Lawson, and Vanessa Summers. The bill is being sponsored in the Senate by Republicans Brent Steele and Mike Young and Democrats Earline Rogers and Greg Taylor.

Now that the Indiana House has approved the bill, it will be voted on by the Senate.

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