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A new free online service that helps people apply for pardons is now available. was designed by attorneys to give people free guidance and help them print professional looking pardon applications.

“ makes it easy for people to complete their pardon application and get free or discounted legal advice from attorneys,” said attorney Mathew K. Higbee, who was among the team of lawyers and technology professionals who produced the site.

“Once a person creates their free online account, all they need to do is follow simple instructions, answer questions about their record and life, and then preview and print their pardon application. makes it extraordinarily easy,” said Higbee.

The site is currently serving only California, but hopes to add Florida, Arizona and federal offenses by the end of December and then Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania in January of 2011. *** Update 12/13/2010: Florida has been added ***

The site’s other features include:

– A forum where users can post questions about their case and have it answered by attorneys.

– Special offers on background checks from

– Strategic documents designed to help a person increase their chances of having their request for a pardon granted.

Those who use the service will also receive free tips from attorneys on how to maximize their chances of success and on how to make sure their records are updated and removed from private and public databases.  For those who wish to hire an attorney after using the service, discounted representation will be available.

The development of the site and advertising budget to promote are being donated by private contributions.

Written by Mathew Higbee, Esq

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  1. jesse says:

    i have juvenile case that is a 707b can i have it sealed i think no based on my research

  2. remi cheatham says:

    Dear Gorvernor Quinn I have a felony conviction from back in 1999 and i ended up serving booot camp for in cook county Illinois. I am in deep need for help ive been switching from job to job due to this unfortunate circumstance. Its hard to get descent paying job with this on my background and ive been trying hard to not to become a statistic. I have five kids four girls and one boy and this conviction is putting a damper on my life. I need a chance to prove myself to me and my family im not perfect no where near but I need a second chance in life. With that being said I feel only G.O.D. can judge me but im just trying to become a productive citizen and provide for my family but its definetly hard. I wish i could turn back the hands of time a correct the mistakes I made but I cant so thats why i stay on my kids ten times harder. My father was there financial but not physically and that does make a difference I see the youth now and half of them have no father figures. Ive changed my life ariund now and im asking for help because i have no one else to turn to other than G.O.D. Im asking for help if you can just pardon my felony so jobs cant pull it up because its definetly affecting my life seriously I hope that you can forgive me for some dumb mistakes and bad choices I made im paying for them now. I hope you can take this in consideration due to my situation and I need help drastically…Thanks Sincerly Remi Cheatham

  3. sam says:

    Is there a chance for me? – in Missouri – police state # 1, getting esponged a controlled substance /marijuanna 1985 conviction. It keeps me from getting a job anywhere , just shoot me . help t.y.

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