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The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates and Veterans First are co-hosting an expungement workshop for veterans and their immediate family. The workshop will cover the eligibility requirements and benefits to clear a criminal record, assist the veterans and families with completing the expungement motion, and advise the attendees on how to file the paperwork and complete the expungement process. This workshop is free for veterans and their family.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

1:30 PM- 3:30 PM

Veterans Service Office

1300 South Grand Avenue

Building B

Rooms A&B

Santa Ana, CA  92705

Written by Mathew Higbee, Esq

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  1. zotzic says:

    I understand that Higbee and Associates can do nothing for a New York arrest (40 +) years ago that did not result in a conviction. Your customer service rep indicated that New York already seals non-convictions. However, the data bases for the record check companies (and, I guess) the FBI data bases are still available. Why can’t Higbee et. al. have a judge provide an order sealing all external records and then contact the record check companies to clear the records?

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