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Downloadable PDFs of forms (for pardons, expungement, and sealing records) are available for your convenience. Please note that some of these forms are county-specific. Call or visit your local county court office to obtain county-specific documents for where you reside. Some forms are not available online. Contact your local county or state court to obtain the documents you need.

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Record sealing and expungement are not offered in Alabama. The only way to clear your Alabama record is through executive clemency (pardon from the governor). Alabama Pardon Application

District of Columbia

To obtain expungement and record sealing forms for the District of Columbia, please contact the Public Defender Service (PDS) for DC. PDS Community Defender Division 680 Rhode Island Avenue, NE Suite H-5 Washington, DC 20002 (202) 824-2801


Idaho does not have a specific form to apply for expungement. You must write your own petition, stating the information regarding your offense and why you feel you should receive an expungement. Idaho Pardon Application


Iowa only offers expungement under very specific circumstances. Talk to a qualified attorney to see if your case is eligible for expungement. Iowa courts do not provide a specific form to expunge your record. You must write a letter to the courts stating the conviction you would like expunged, and why you feel you need the expungement. Iowa Pardon Application


Currently, Maine only allows for juveniles to expunge their record. Adult convictions can only be removed from your record through a pardon. Maine Pardon Application


Maryland Expungement Form The pardon application for Maryland is only available by writing to: Maryland Parole Commission 6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite 307 Baltimore, MD 21215-234


Montana Pardon Application Montana expungement is only allowed in very specific circumstances.

North Carolina

There is no formal application for an expungement in North Carolina. You must write up your own petition to expunge and submit it to the courts. North Carolina Expungement Application

North Dakota

Expungements in North Dakota are only granted under very specific circumstances. North Dakota Pardon Application


Oregon expungement forms are county-specific, and only available by contacting your local county court. Oregon Pardon Application

Rhode Island

There is no specific form for Rhode Island pardons. To apply for a pardon, you must write a letter explaining the conviction you would like pardoned, and why you feel you would benefit from a pardon.


Utah Expungement Form There is no specific form for applying for a pardon in Utah.


For more information, contact: Patricia Tucker, Director of Extradition and Clemency Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Post Office Box 2454 Richmond, Virginia 23218-2454 (804) 692-0105

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