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  1. Terri Gottberg says:

    Good afternoon. I am a paralegal employed by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and assigned to assist the Washington State Clemency and Pardons Board (“Board”) in processing incoming Petitions for pardons, commutations and the restoration of the right to hold public office. After reviewing your website, I wanted to bring to your attention that the Petition form on your site is outdated and no longer accepted by our office. Please go to the Board’s website at to obtain the current form and contact information. In addition, there are specific Instructions on how to apply for clemency which are provided on the website. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or need assistance.

    Terri Gottberg
    Paralegal 2, Staff Person to
    Washington State Clemency and Pardons Board
    Office of the Attorney General of Washington
    Corrections Division
    (360) 586-0047

    • Mathew Higbee, Esq says:

      Thank you very much Ms. Gottberg. We will update the form.


    • ROGER J VOGT says:

      Terri do you know what I have to do to get this off my record so I can go on vacation with my wife to Canada. I cant do anything at this time it has been over 25 years séance I was in any trouble with the law.
      please call or email me thank you. 1-10-2014.

  2. ROGER J VOGT says:

    HI terri gottberg new what do I need to do to get this off my recored , please get a hold of me by phone or email please. roger Vogt.

    • Jenna Thorne says:

      Hi Roger, I am not sure if Terri Gottberg still monitors this website. If you have submitted a Pardon and want to inquire on the status of the application, I would recommend contacting their office at the number she provided above.

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