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It has been reported that Mel Gibson has accepted a plea deal by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office to plea no contest to a simple battery, a lesser offense that his original charge of domestic violence, and will […]

The number of people who have asked to join in effort to help change expungement related laws has now exceeded 2,000. This incredible number as been reached in less than five months. Thank you to all of those who […]

Under current North Carolina law, expungement is available only for misdemeanor larceny and misdemeanor offenses committed prior to age eighteen, except for misdemeanor possession of alcohol or drugs. See N.C. Gen. Stat. §§15A-145 to -146.  In North Carolina, an individual […]

CALIFORNIA LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – Criminal defense attorney, William Conwell, will provide a free seminar on “How to clear your criminal record” on Friday, Oct. 29. The seminar will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Kelseyville United Methodist Church (3810 […]

We began asking our web site visitors to become a member of a little over a month ago in hopes of building some grassroots muscle to add strength to our future lobbying efforts.  The response thus far has been […]

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