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The Pennsylvania State Senate has taken a much needed step towards modernizing its approach to long-term reporting of criminal records by advancing a bill that will allow people convicted of low level misdemeanors to eventually expunge their record. If enacted, […]

The number of people who have asked to join in effort to help change expungement related laws has now exceeded 6,000. This incredible number as been reached in less than 18 months. Thank you to all of those who joined. […]

A report by Tony Plohetski of The Stateman reveals that Travis County is remarkably behind in updating the Texas Criminal Justice Information System, the state database used by law enforcement and state licensing agencies for criminal background checks. This type […]

Colorado has an enacted an expungement law that will benefit people who are convicted after July 1, 2011 of certain drug related offenses, but do nothing for those convicted prior. The new law, HB 11-1167, changes the process for sealing […]

Lindsay Lohan has currently been offered a plea deal on her felony grand theft case, which would include jail time for as little as three months. However, she can go reject the plea deal and take her chances at trial […]

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