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A news story from Cleveland Ohio about an expunged record that was inexplicably disclosed after 40 years provides an outstanding example of why expungement laws are necessary.

The former defendant in this case committed a felony at the age of 20 while trying to recover his stolen property.  He was able to get the record expunged in 1977, seven years after the offense.

He not only never committed another crime, he went on to have a distinguished 30 year career in public service, including 22 years as a firefighter.

Now he is in his retirement years, he sought out and found a part-time job.   However, he was fired one month later after the state of Ohio somehow revealed his 40 year-old conviction to the employer during the course of a background check.  Nobody is sure why the expunged conviction appeared.

The former defendant is investigating how this expunged record surfaced and what legal remedies he has.

Any lawmaker who has doubts about the importance of expungement should contrast the benefit to society this person was able to provide when his record was expunged to the burden he could be not being able to get a remedial job now that his record was disclosed.

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Written by Mathew Higbee, Esq

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