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"Getting my record clear has been the biggest blessing. I hold my head high as I apply for jobs."
- J. Turner

"I wish I would have done this years ago... Your service and professionalism are superb."
- M. Brown

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We look forward to helping you put your criminal record behind you.

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The Grand Canyon state is served by our Phoenix office (602) 490-0725. For information about setting aside a judgment, probation termination, restoring gun rights, or restoring civil rights remedies in Arizona, click here.

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The Golden State is served by our offices in Orange County and Sacramento. For information about expungement, record sealing, certificates of rehabilitation, and probation termination in California, click here.

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We serve all of Florida. Our services include expungement, record sealing, and juvenile record expungement in Florida.

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The Silver State is served by our offices in Las Vegas and Reno. For information about criminal record sealing in Nevada, click here.

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Minnesota is served by our offices in Minneapolis. For information about criminal expungement in Minnesota, click here.

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We serve all of Pennsylvania. Our services include expungement of arrests and convictions in Pennsylvania


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Information about the Lone Star state will be coming soon.

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The Bee Hive state is served by our Salt Lake City office (801)-232-2322. For information about record expungement or juvenile record sealing in Utah, click here.

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Information about the Evergreen state will be coming soon.

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