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I was accused of endangering my child back in 2005, my son had been taken away from his mother by child protective services after a concerned neighbor found my son with bruises and bitemarks, my son and his mother live in San Juan tx while i live in Houston Tx, (5 hour drive from San Juan) and i would only visit my son once a month. My son’s mother was living at the time with an older man and woudl get constant visits from other friends and relatives. My sons mother accused me of inflicting those wounds and bitemarks on my son so i was arrested a few days later. needless to say i did not do this to my own son but since i did not have the money to hire an expensive criminal attorney i fell to the unjust system where they just wanted to pin the crime on someone. How could i have done that to my son when i rarely saw him and did not live with him? I was given deferred adjutication with 5 years probation (felony for endangering a child) I have just completed the 5 years this past May and have maintained a clean and stable life, prior to this incident i had never been in toruble with the law and havent since. I have paid for this by losing out on the opportunity for better jobs and currently cant even get an apartment due to the felony on my record. I feel that i have paid my debt (even though i did not comitt this crime) but regardless i feel everyone deserves a chance to build a life worthy of their children and be able to provide a future for their families. I have not seen my son since 2005 and also have two other children that depend on me. I hope the goverment can someday consider given thoseof us with situations like mine the opportunity to rebuild their lifes again

User story by Joe Puente in Texas

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