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Let me see where do I start.  In March 2004 I was asked by two other parents if I would take and pick up there children from the movies in San Marcos, Texas and I said yes.  So I took my daughter and three other girls to the movies.  Like always I checked to see what time the movie ended so I would be there to pick them up on time.  Upon arriving to the movies I waited for the girls to exit the theatre in which they never did.  I went inside and looked for them at which time I realized they were not there so I drove around looking for them at nearby restaurants.  I then started to panic and started calling there parents.  There parents were out at a club in San Antonio so they just dismissed what I had told them.  The next morning they came to my house and again I told them what had happened and thats when they begame alarmed so we decided to call the police and make a report.  About two hours later my daughter called and told me she was at the library in San Marcos and if I would please go pick her up.  So I called the mothers again and we went to go get them.  I then called the police and told them we had found them and they told me to go the the station and make a report. Several months went by when I went to court for another charge at which time I was arrested for

Abandon Endanger Child Criminal Negligence apparently I was being charged for not going back to the theatre to go pick up the girls. I spent one month in jail, lost my daughter to cps and now have a felony on my record which keeps me from getting jobs, nice places to live, I cant go on field trips with my son because your not allowed to attended field trips with a felony on your record.  I have an associates degree and I am having to waitress for jobs because noone will hire me with that felony on my record.  My life has never been the same since that night and I really do not know what to do anymore.
User story by Debra G in Texas

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