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Hi, In 2006 i was in a car accident. it was a pretty bad one i was the main one that got hurt i was also the driver. me and my so called friends loved to go adventuring and look at the country side well that night they wanted to drink and they kept begging me so i finally gave in. bad choice on me i should have known better but i guess i was to nice of a person. well anyways we ended up rolling my jeep and i was ejected from the vehicle still to this day i dont remember it. i ended up breaking my back and my ribs and having cut scars on my arm. i was in the hospital and the police wanted to arrest me but the doctor said no because i wasn’t in the best shape. i had to call my mom at 2 am she thought something happened to my brother since he was the one always gettin hurt and having accidents i have never been in trouble before but for my bad choice my life changed there. when i got out of the hospital i was served papers and had gotten a lawyer since i didnt no what to do. i told the lawyer and the judge that i take full responsibly for what happened. well he convicted me of criminal vehicalor obstruction and gave me a felony for the rest of my life. i didnt no i could cry so much i new my life was over. im a single mother with a child and was lost at that point. i lost the best job i had and realized i didnt have true friends. as of right now i work cleaning offices and not being able to pay my bills and im afraid because of this felonly i will never have a life again and i cant find anyone one to try and help me. i have talked to a lawyer bout getting my felony dropped or expunged but they tell me it will never happen i have only been in trouble once and that was my accident. i dont think i should have had that harsh of punishment im not a repeat offender like most people out there im just trying to get my life started again and make a better life for my son.

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