In 1999 I was charged with a Simple Worthless Check in Forsyth County North Carolina. I wrote a check by accident from a old checkbook , the store tried to contact me but I was no longer living at the address where they sent the  certified letter, finally I got one forwarded.I went to the store , paid the fees and fines then the man at the store was like I had to go to the magistrate to show proof of receipt that I paid. This issue had’nt crossed my mind until 3 years later I applied for a job and they did a background check and mentioned it to me. I explained the situation and it was cool. Although there have been 1 or 2  instances were offers of employment were rescinded over the past decade. I  have not ever been in trouble with the law. I am considering enrolling in nursing school and I don’t want something that happened over ten years ago to stop me from obtaining my license. I do not have a probation record, I’ve never been arrested hell I was called for jury duty like 3 times since then??. I noticed that in some counties in NC they have a worthless check program but this was not in place in 1999. I wished I would have gotten an attorney but I was young at the time I had no idea this would be on my record forever. I know there have been some amendments to the laws in NC what can I do do get this removed? If I’m good enough to sit on juries and vote why can’t this be resolved and removed?