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the Friday Oct.3 2008 my 5 kids and I went to the store and during the time we
were there my two oldest boys Christopher & Matthew began to fight.  Matthew who has ADHD & Bipolar disorder
is difficult to deal with sometimes and can fly off the handle.  I gathered them up and settled them down made
my purchases and we left.  The fighting
continued between them in the car which included the younger (Matthew) choking
his brother.  Christopher returned with
his own session of choking this continued despite my persistent telling them to
stop.  As we pulled into the drive at the
house the fight got worse and I had to break them apart. I sent Christopher in
with some groceries and Matthew in with a bag but they both proceeded to argue
with one another and the battle picked up where it left off. Matthew was just
about to swing a bag of canned goods at the head of his brother when I stopped
him by grabbing his arm taking the bag out of his grasp. I handed it to
Christopher and told him to put the groceries away and gave him a shove towards
the kitchen. I then turned back to deal with Matthew. As Matthew had squirmed
out of my grasp during this brief moment I had managed to grabbed him by the
shoulder of his shirt.  While I was
talking to him Christopher fell in the kitchen I knew this cause he had kicked
an ice cream maker which slid into me.
As that the noise drew my attention to Christopher, Matthew dropped
weight on me as I went to take care of his brother.  So his shirt had probably choked him some but
I had released almost immediately.
Christopher had fallen so that the left cheek bone had hit the very
corner of the counter and mad a small wound that didn’t immediately start to
bleed but as it did and he realized he was bleeding he began screaming.  I ran him to the master bathroom to attend
him and stop the bleeding. I later realized that he had his Heelez on (a type
of shoe with a small wheel in the heel) and that probably was one of the
factors of his fall as well as kitchen chairs, pet water dishes, and other
obstacle.  This all occurred between the
hours of 6:30pm. & 7:30pm. While my wife Christina was at work till
930pm.  When she got home I explained to
her what had happened the best I could at the time but didn’t know that
Christopher had on his Heelez at the time and at that time she seemed satisfied
with my explanation of the events.  The
next morning I woke up to screaming from my wife and son.  We had an argument and I had gone back to
sleep and the next time I awoke the house was quite and I got up to see where
everyone had gotten off to and the police were there and I was arrested.  When I went to jail after a week or two CPS
and  a Detective came to question me and
I asked if I needed my lawyer and was told no.
My wife was told not to have any communication with me other wise CPS
was going to take the kids from her permanently and after a while she was also
threatened into getting a divorce from me under the same conditions.  I was given 18 months state jail my charges
were dropped to just 2 counts of Felony Injury to a Child as I was currently
was on Deferred Probation for spanking my eldest Daughter two and a half years before. 

Now what i find out is what i signed for under threat of my ex loosing the kids was incorrect i was told the charges for which i was put on probation for would be dropped and the 2 felonys for the boys would be all i have and they would show as injury to a child and criminal neglect which isnt good but i didnt feel i had a choice and now i find the injury to a child charge i had been put on probation is on my record and so are the others but they are not what they should be they are injury to an elderly person and criminal neglect i havent seen my kids or talked to them in 4 years i am an emotional reck cant find work other than washing dishes 2 days a week for $8.50 an hour which the state takes half of my pay courts gave everything to my ex so i have no car no support other than my mother thank god for her im not a bad guy i went to college for 3 years almost had a degree but ran out of money i have 5 kids and it seems like their is no hope for anything better soon so this is my story

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