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I served three months in county jail for possession of a controlled substance in which I am not guilty of.  According to the police, the substance tested positive for powder cocaine.  less than a gram of powder cocaine was found on the floor on the left rear passenger side of my vehicle.  I have no involvement with narcotics.  I do not use or sell drugs.  Nor have I accepted it from someone.  I was not aware it was in my vehicle and don’t know how it got there or who put it there.  No one has used my vehicle nor has any of my friends or family members ridden in my vehicle.  I bought the SUV from someone on craigslist and I have cleaned/vacuum the floor and seats several times.  I am willing to take a polygraph which will show I do not have any involvement with narcotics and I was not aware it was in my vehicle. I now have a possession of a controlled substance on my record.  I am not happy about it at all.  I have no involvement with narcotics.

I would like for the police officer who arrested me to take a polygraph.
User story by Innocent victim incarcerated in Houston, Texas-Harris County

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