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My name is Paul W. i was convicted as 3 rd degress felony and did not have advice from court appt lawyer who stove the “guilty” down my throat. and the deep park police arrest me without any explaining. u […]

My husband has to register as a sex offender in texas for life cause in 1999 I was under age we have been married for five years now and have children together. I do not see why we have to […]

Jaime Woodard is an activist in New Jersey who started the We Deserve Our Lives web site to spread awareness about the injustices facing former prisoners trying to put their lives back together. Alongside the Supporters of Expungement Legislation […]

I had bounced my check book by accident. Each check was a separate charge. I worked for myself and a the job I was counting on fell through while the checks were already written and the charges went on my […]

I was caught shop lifting with my cousin when I was 23. We were both charged with each others items making it a felony offense. When we were caught we tried to run. Because we ran we also got charged […]

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