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I didnt do what they say i did.

At the age of 18 I committed an Armed Robbery with a kitchen knife and served 8 months in a Juvenile detention center. I had know prior record and no arrest since. The robbery happened 34 years ago. I have […]

I was about 16 years old and was at a friends house when a couple of girls showed up. I knew that one of the girls had been with numerous friends of mine. I was talking to her for awhile […]

Two years ago I was a passenger on a “Booze Cruise”, when we were pulled over. I passed a breathalyzer test, and drove the drunk driver’s vehicle home. I went to court, I pled guilty to the open container offense, […]

Texas will allow a snitch to  say that you did something without first getting the real information. If you have a record in texas that means your already guilty . Texas won’t help you in any way prove your innocents. have […]

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