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I lost my parents at 16 years old. My mother ran off I lost my home and everything. I had no place to go or live. I was living in the streets. My parents did not care they were to busy […]

In 1997 while going through a very ugly divorce, I did something very stupid, I went to a bar to watch a game and had too many beers. On my way home I got into an accident and broke the […]

I’m a female, now 50 years old…I’ve served 9 years in prison came home on 5 years probation and cant find work due to 1st degree felons…I have HS Diploma, skills, and potential to land a good job….but cant get past […]

My name is Paul W. i was convicted as 3 rd degress felony and did not have advice from court appt lawyer who stove the “guilty” down my throat. and the deep park police arrest me without any explaining. u […]

My husband has to register as a sex offender in texas for life cause in 1999 I was under age we have been married for five years now and have children together. I do not see why we have to […]

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