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I at the time of the crime was 19, i was in a state were 16 is legal age of consent. Not the thats right either, new to the area in the military in a off the wall town i ... Continue reading

12/28/2003 I sat there bewildered and trembling in the booth of Adagio’s, a local pizza place and frequent hangout of mine, holding my head in my hands. I hadn’t said a word since I had sent Jarrod and Jenny on ... Continue reading

After 35 years with no criminal record, this record has been reconstituted from records missed during expungement process. Records were destroyed as ordered at Harris County Courthouse and most locations though missed in a couple locations, microfiche backup copy in ... Continue reading

My husband completed his deferred adjudication a year ago for injury to a child/elderly/disabled. I know what your thinking…it sounds horrible. We have been together for almost 6 years now and we have one child together. Child protective services might ... Continue reading

No matter what is told to you regarding nursing, think twice…with felonys gone into gross misdomeanors and one year drug court and two years probation and 3.9 gpa and total life turn around from drug addiction/sales, i was stopped in ... Continue reading

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