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I’m a single prent of 4 I was charged and convicted of felony flight in 2007 i served 13 mnths in DOC and i’ve ben having the hardest time getting and keeping a job all i want is to get ... Continue reading

I made a terrible mistake in my life but now I’m sorry and I ask people who make the lawsthat you please consider changing the laws and give you a second chance to people toreacer your good name and be ... Continue reading

In 2005 i was charged with battery. It was self defense but the law at the time did not see it this way.  I received 2 years probation and served 90 days in jail. I completed all my required classes and had 3 months ... Continue reading

About 2 years ago my son called me to his room because he wanted to show me something. Low and behold on his computer he showed me a site where they showed arrest warrants, and I was listed. They had ... Continue reading

I’ve Always gotten in trouble as a young adult. Growing up on the street of Passaic,┬ámother drank, no father,no money, welfare. I lived on the wrong side of the tracks to sorta speak. I got caught up in the drug ... Continue reading

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