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On the Friday Oct.3 2008 my 5 kids and I went to the store and during the time we were there my two oldest boys Christopher & Matthew began to fight.  Matthew who has ADHD & Bipolar disorder is difficult […]

I served three months in county jail for possession of a controlled substance in which I am not guilty of.  According to the police, the substance tested positive for powder cocaine.  less than a gram of powder cocaine was found […]

Let me see where do I start.  In March 2004 I was asked by two other parents if I would take and pick up there children from the movies in San Marcos, Texas and I said yes.  So I took […]

My mother worked 2-3 jobs as I was growing up and basically I lived on the streets sometimes in good neighborhoods, sometimes in bad. I started smoking pot when I was 8 years old and drinking by 12. I got […]

I had a Korean girlfriend for 4 years.  We were in love.  I have photos and proof of our 4 year relationship showing her with my family and vacations we took together.  She wanted to get her permanent residence here […]

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