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My mother worked 2-3 jobs as I was growing up and basically I lived on the streets sometimes in good neighborhoods, sometimes in bad. I started smoking pot when I was 8 years old and drinking by 12. I got […]

I had a Korean girlfriend for 4 years.  We were in love.  I have photos and proof of our 4 year relationship showing her with my family and vacations we took together.  She wanted to get her permanent residence here […]

I never been in trouble in my life, And I was falsely prosecuted in this country. I’m a Asian-Nation and the place I was living I,was being Racially harassed the people in the Complex say they do not like Asian- […]

I was arrested in Harris county for class a misdemeanor assault family violence because me and my fiancé got into a heated arguement, the police were called before they got there I was headed to our vehicle to leave when […]

Near the end of 2001 i temporarily lost my sensibilities; waking one morning and turning on the tv to find fanatics flying airplanes into buildings.  Fear slowly grew inside and by the end of that month i decided i wanted […]

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