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A few years ago, I spent the night at my girlfriends house due to the power being out in my apartment. We fell asleep after having a fantastic dinner and making passionate love. Around 4 a.m. the next morning, she […]

Four years ago, I was charged with possession of a controlled substance. I admit I was wrong and young and dumb (21yrs old). This was my first offense and I have yet to find a respective employer from this one […]

On the Friday Oct.3 2008 my 5 kids and I went to the store and during the time we were there my two oldest boys Christopher & Matthew began to fight.  Matthew who has ADHD & Bipolar disorder is difficult […]

I served three months in county jail for possession of a controlled substance in which I am not guilty of.  According to the police, the substance tested positive for powder cocaine.  less than a gram of powder cocaine was found […]

Let me see where do I start.  In March 2004 I was asked by two other parents if I would take and pick up there children from the movies in San Marcos, Texas and I said yes.  So I took […]

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