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Allow me to greet You my Friends , I cornell Keller am a Security Professional Person, I hold a homeland security degree and others, nevertheless I was working at a club and I did not have a car so I […]

I have never committed any crime! I was placed in foster care at as a child where I was required by the state to see counsolers and was diagnosed with mental conditions. I have stopped seeing counselers and taking anti-psychotics […]

As a former Eagle Scout , I was taught to ” help other people at all times ” When I was confronted with what thought was an abused unloved foster child , ” i Offered to see if I could […]

hi my name is william b. and my cousin used my name and mass my my name up so bad that i cant get a job no where in ohio┬á he got sex charges on me aii kind of bad […]

Multiple DWI’s in early 1990′s, then 7+ years of sobriety, relapse┬áand another another DWI in┬á2009. Currently unemployed due to corporate restructure and am having trouble finding employment due to the weak job market, and most online job applications now ask […]

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