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I was driving somebody’s car an I was pulled over an the cops found a gun an drugs in the car well when I went to court the judge thru it out but just recent when I was pulled over […]

I belive in 1982 it was i was arrested for burgulary. The circumstances for the case was me and a real close buddy of mine had a arguement over some money he owed me and he wasn’t going to pay […]

After serving two years for my crime possession of a controlled substance and credit card fraud. A crime committed 18 to 19 years ago still haunts me. While serving my time I realized that crimal life was not for me. […]

I committed a crime when I was 17 years old. I did commit the crime and I took responsibility for it and confessed to the crime. I was given a plea deal and part of that deal I was told […]

When I was sixteen I had a knife pulled on me by a bully in my school, I chose not to call the cops and I responded later that day to him by texting him your a dead man walking, […]

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