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I was just about to turn 20 years old when I let some people that I assumed to be my friends use my car.I was asked to go and party but I said no because I settled down and decided […]

Growing up as an young adult I made my share if mistakes, along the way I realize that it effects my personal criminal record. I have applied for jobs and careers that would excel my potential. My life has been […]

caught up in drugs off and on for twenty years change life lives a very fruitful life past contine somewhat keep him held back will continue┬á to show I am a good person dispite my past┬á no matter what society […]

April 2001 I was arrested for credit card abuse, received 3 years probation. was arrested again for the very same crime in August of 2001… I received 18 months state jail for the 2 felonies.. I completed my sentence day […]

I work as a chef…i did my time and served my sentance! I should be able to work wirh nothing in my past criminal record holding me back. I am a hard worker and a honest man that made a […]

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