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As a teen I was extremely troubled and severely depressed.  I turned to self destruction as a result of my unhappiness.  I carry deep scars from the cutting that I did to myself as well as the emotional scars that […]

back in 2004 i was charged with a crime i didnot commit i was accused of touching my own daughter i was arrested and put in jail on hearsay i pled because my court appointed attorney said it was the […]

In late 2006, I was driving to work. A car came up behind me at great speed, and as I moved to the middle lane from the left lane to allow him to pass, he moved into the middle lane […]

When I was 16 I was caught shoplifting at a store for the value of 150 dollars worth of things so I wanted to know if I The state of Arizona if it’s a felony I’m not sure what I […]

I need help on expunging or sealing my record. In 2003 I had just turned 18, and was with the wrong people. A friend and I met 2 friends or so called at a mall. The 2 friends were at one […]

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