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Hi,My name is Johnathan Harrison I am 25 years of age, at the time I was 19 I made the biggest mistake of my life when I worked for sears I took money I honestly do not believe I took […]

I divorced in 07 and had a difficult time with it.  My wife took the kids.  I fell into depression and repeated called and left voice messages to my ex-wife.  I also emailed.  Soon a restraining order was issued and […]

When I was eighteen I was at a party and had a headache, a guy offered me a pill saying “I take this for headaches,” I naively thought it was an aspirin or something of that nature, no big deal. […]

I signed my boyfriend’s name for his credit card purchase 32 years ago in Florida, not knowing of his poor credit record or that I could not sign for someone even with their permission.  I was 21 and was convicted […]

 I was convicted of child abuse in ’96 because i gave my daughter, who was about a year old at the time a bruise around her eyes because i was frustrated with her because i couldn’t handle the high pitched […]

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