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I was arrested for a 20.00 crake rock about 5 years ago now it is still on my record and I cannot get a job cause it keep showing up when they run a back ground check. What can I […]

I will keep this short and to the point.  I have graduated high school, 2 years of junior college, 3 years of the northern California’s Carpenters apprenticeship and close to a full year of my life in the county jail […]

i really wish that there was a way to seal my past. now that I have a felony conviction, my dreams of becoming an international corporate executive are now down the toilet. Thank you self for your bad friend choices […]

In 1998 I was in a very abusive relationship. One night he was beating me very badly and i hit him back to get him off me and i was arrested too. Even tho i had all the defense marks […]

In 08/1989; I was wrongfully falsely accused, which they put two accounts of 288(A) charges upon me? On or about 08/14/1989; while I was watching a twilight zone episode, my 7 yrs old niece asked me to play with her. And I […]

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