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A bad choice=Drug Addiction=A Lifetime of Nothing! The bad choice: I use to go out often and drink the night away, I did not know then but I come from a long line of alcoholics and it is known to […]

I am a man that met a young girl that was 4 years older than my daughter. I later found out she was teaching my 7 year old things about sex. She later turned it around and said I did […]

My wife and I were getting separated a while back she wanted to take the car and I let her since she had my daughter, I just wanted to stop by the grocery since we were already anyway from separating […]

Hello,         My name is Abdi m Ali from Somalia am migrant in here u.s.a less than two years i have been convicted at kennewick tricities washington state on 03-18-2010 because the police said i violated no contact order in the […]

I was lied on, by someone I conducted business with. Well long story short, I didn’t have the money nor the time to fight this in court, so I accepted a plea bargain, and served a six month sentence. I have […]

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