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I have been 100% Felony Free now since 1980. I served my sentence for my Felony (last one was simply a VUFA which means “Violation Of Firearms Act” an ex-felon caught with a weapon on person). Anyway’s this has been […]

I was convicted of a Class B misdemeanor for theft of an item priced at 54 dollars.  Plead guilty to my crime and paid the fine.  I didnt have the money for a lawyer and didnt know anything about a […]

I really like to take responsibility for my actions, this is one is difficult for me to swallow though. In 2003, I was a young 24 working in a casino and my boss talked me into taking a trip to […]

I was 25 yrs. old when i was convicted of drug trafficking in Florida. My attorney was able to get my record sealed. i now have a grandson and want to do and go this with him. i haven’t been […]

Ok, i dont like talking about it, But this is the only way i could probably find any help. in october of 2007, i was a passanger on a white pick up that belonged to a co worker of mine. […]

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