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I was in a auto accident, no drugs or alcohol, where I was at fault, one person died and another seriously injured back in 1988. Since then I did my time, paid restitution, positive citizen and yet the past still […]

I grew up on the street of Dallas Texas in Oak Cliff. The only way I knew to survive was by shoplifting or boosting and then selling the merchandise for half price. Work was an unimaginable thing that existed for […]

I was antagonized by my stepson who was being disrespectful to his mother.  I smacked him on the back of the head when he was 13 years old.  He was not physically harmed but his real father had a cow […]

I have been 100% Felony Free now since 1980. I served my sentence for my Felony (last one was simply a VUFA which means “Violation Of Firearms Act” an ex-felon caught with a weapon on person). Anyway’s this has been […]

I was convicted of a Class B misdemeanor for theft of an item priced at 54 dollars.  Plead guilty to my crime and paid the fine.  I didnt have the money for a lawyer and didnt know anything about a […]

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