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I co-signed a small business loan with my ex-wife several years ago.  After a couple of years, she left me and I could not continue to repay the loan.  The bank tried to sue me for the balance of the […]

Back in 2005, I had an argument with my exwife via text messages.  I made a threat via the text and this was taken to the police department.  I was arrested for the threat.  In court, I was told by […]

It was August 2007 I took my kids ages 18, 13, and 11 to Orlando, Fl. I also took my sister and my mother. Our 2nd day there we decided to go to Universal Studios. What a mistake. As soon […]

this offense occurred back in 1971 and was downgraded to assault with intend to steal.  I had gotten a job and workedfor almost 30 years.  I need someone to help me so I canget another job and peace of mind.thank […]

There was compelling evidence that was available for presentation to challenge of accusations of charges brought against me. the court appointed attorney did not included nor informed me of my rights to assisted me with my case. There was no communication between […]

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