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In 2000 and 2001 I was stopped and citated two times in two different cities for not having the proper car insurance. I was summoned to appear in court, which I was not able to attend, but I called the […]

I got into some trouble hanging with the wrong people while I was sixteen years old.  I plead “not guilty”, but was found guilty because everybody that was with me knew what was going on but myself.  Nevertheless, I was […]

This is my first time openly speaking about this. I am known as a PK( Pastors Kid). I was raised in a strict household. My parents are Pastors. My life changed on Sept 16, 2001. I was working at a […]

Hello my name is Carmen Alberto and I entered a plea bargain in my case.  I was ignorant to the law, but I got scared of what could have happened since there was a lot of information against me. I […]

I was arrested at age 16 for burglary of a building. I plead no contest and got 2 years deferred adjutication. I was violated for possesion of less than a gram of marijuana after I was 17. So the original […]

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