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I wish to be a part of my country but I cant…  

First, I would like to thank this system for a great opportunity to a individual such as my self to part take in the wonderful experience on making my words being read…. Well, let start by saying this (being a […]

Well…. My story begin like I never expected any of this that happen I was just a back seat rider of the car and didn’t haven’t any idea of what’s going on….had to do probation for 1 yr it really […]

Hi, I was arrested like 4 times in my whole life. The first time i was arrested when i turned 17. I was arrested for a class A misdemeanor for a scratch on the other person arm which the person […]

Helped a ex rent a laptop computer.I was told just in case something happened to primary lease holder. That i would be notified and take it from there. I went my way she went hers. I was later arrested andĀ charged […]

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