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When i was 18 years old I got three speeding tickets in a short period of time driving back and forth to visit my girlfriend in Orlando (teenagers huh?). Well this led to a points violation that suspended my license. ... Continue reading

My problem is in 2008 I was charged with  2 misdemeanors one for indecent exposure and the other for sexual materials and they are preventing me from getting a decent job. This was done over a computer. I did not ... Continue reading

My parents were out of town an I was 17 at home making spaghetti. I was making sauce an decided to shower real quick while the sauce was cooking. I had a friend over an his friend stopped by while ... Continue reading

It happened to be the day before my birthday.  I was trying to earn some money to pay my bills so I decided to sell my laptop which caught immediate interest from someone who had approached me at the mall ... Continue reading

Back around 2010, when I just moved to Dallas, I was living by myself with my new adopted dog, Jubilee. I met someone online who became one of my closest friends I’ve ever known. We were always out and socializing. ... Continue reading

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