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Back in January 1991 I bought a clothing attire for my nieces upcoming Birthday There was 2 peices of clothing that were the same styles. I put them together and bought them as if they were a 1 peice set. I was stopped on the way out and was not arrested but all theses paper work was filled out and I had to sign all og them by the undercover security of thr store then called Burdines Dadeland Mall.I received letters that if by going to some type of cousre for these type of offenses my record would be sealed. Here we are 22 years later and my record is still showing. I was unemployed last year for 14 months due to the fact that everytime I applied at a job and my record was pulled I was never called back even though I was the best candidate for the job. I’m cuerrently working again but not happy in current job and I would like to start searching again but not with the past experiance that I had! THIA IS WHY I NEED MY RECORD EXPUNGED, so the new employers do not see anything from 22 years ago that is not relevent to me anymore as I am a law bidding citizen of the United States. I have lived in South Fl now for 43 years with my family and would like this past of mine cealed.
thanking you in advance…
Roberto de la Cuetara.

User story by Roberto in FLORIDA

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