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  I was a police officer for five yrs in Miami dade fl. ON 12-09-05 I was accused of steeling a twenty dollar bill form an under cover det. The guy had 2,000 dollars of marked county bills on him. When the Det stopped me they never found the money on me or i my police car. I had fought them in court with my lawyer .My lawyer out of know were just gave up telling me to plea no contest. My wife was leaving me at the same time, My world came crashing on me. I was given  2yrs probation without supervision. since this I have never ever had any problems with the law Since. As a single father of three kids I have such a hard time finding a job. Employers are so nice to me still we get to the part of background. Then there look changes an all the excuses come out of sorry were not hiring right now. If some one out there came relate to my story please contact me . It hurts after serving my community putting my life on the line for thousands of other now they turn there backs on me when I’m DOWN. 

User story by Jose in Miami in Miami Fl

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