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My mother worked 2-3 jobs as I was growing up and basically I lived on the streets sometimes in good neighborhoods, sometimes in bad. I started smoking pot when I was 8 years old and drinking by 12. I got in with a crowd of lazy theives who had parents just as lazy in bringing up their children. I moved many times and went to many different schools for a young child I always felt fear, the instablilty was stressful for me at my young age. I do not blame my mom or my friends. I know my mom is only a product of what she grew up with and she just wanted to provide for us, she was a single parent and life was very very hard , but I know my mom loves me and I don’t blame her. At the age of 16 I was sitting around a camp fire with my mom, and I said to her “Mom, I am angry, when she asked why ..I said I don’t know because I really didn’t I just felt angry..I guess I told someone because I didn’t want to feel that way but didn’t know what to do. I have been causing mischeif clear up til I was 18. And regardless of how many times my mother told me you are going to have to stop doing this, you get in trouble as an adult you will be labeled a convicted felon for the rest of your life and your life will be a constant up hill climb. Of course being a know it all I thought whatever, and I am not going to do these kind of things again, but with my know it all attitude of course I was wrong. At 18 I was drunk on vodka and me and a friend broke into cars and stole some ipods, cd’s etc..I ran from the cops that night so I was charge with felony theft, minor consumption, evading law enforcement because I ran, and marijauna. I did all the courts asked me to do and I had those charges reduced to misdeamenors. I was so relieved. But then 3 year later at the age of 21 I was high on a pill I had never done before I snorted 3 Clonopin bars which is equivalent to 24 mgs of benzodiazapine..I was in a zombie like state when I broke into a friends house and stole 100.00 worth of change. I was completely coorpertative and honest with the police even confessing to a break in they weren’t aware I committed. In court one of the victims a friend of mine as well the one I had confessed to unbeknowns to the police came to court and stated that I did not break into his house and the costume watches I took, he had told me I could have them a long time ago he told the courts I was high on a drug he had never seen me on before, not pot or alchohol he said he could tell I was out of it. He says I walked in and he said I could have the watches , and that he did not want me to go to prison. They charge me with that crime anyway. The other victims of my crime did not show up. So that is what I did. I am now sitting in Putnamville Correctional facility for 4 years and after that I have another 2 years of work release. I have heard that if you don’t have a job within 45 days of entering work release they send you back to prison for your full term. I am not saying I didn’t do wrong, not at all I see this as meant to be and I am truly remorseful for everything I have done in my life that got me here today. I am doing everything I can in prison PLUS Program, bible study clas and vocational school. I was and still would be guarantee the best trumpet player in the State of Indiana, I was invited to play in the Bugle Corps. this is an organization that you have to apply for and pay money to join..but they asked me to join free of charge no application. I was invited back to my old high school to play with a now famous jazz artist Dave Coolige in 2011..they consider me along with the other 4 I played with the best trumpet players in the history of Highland High School since 1955. I play for Bethany Big Band a church and Madison Park Church of God Orchestra, I play at the main state theater and any other function I had time to, and funerals for a few friends when asked I get paid sometimes but not much, most the time I do all thsi for free. I am a good hearted hard working and committed person. Unfortunatley I was charged with 2 class B felonies. Even the second chance act says it must be a D felony. I am extremely disheartend. How will I get even a sliver of the American can I get a job in a recession, people without felonies have hard times finding jobs. I pray daily.. but it appears I will forever be punished for something I did when I was 20, even when I am 40. I am so depressed and discouraged. Do you think the courts would even consider dropping the felonies to a D, if I show them I was productive in prison and on the outside, so that I can at least apply for the second chance act? Life is tough and I have made it tougher, I don’t want to die but many times I wish I would. Please give me some there anything I can do? Thank you and God bless you  for this wonderful site. Please share your brain with me , any advice you can give is much appreciated..just wanting someone to tell me something more than what I think and that is that my life is over, and there is no hope of having anything but the repetition of what I am afraid will become my favorite words “Would you like fries with that”

Please help

Thank you in advance

God Bless You

Daniel B.

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