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In 1999 I was going through a custody battle with my children’s dad’s aunt. Money wise I was a single mom working and certainly didn’t have the means for a lawyer.  Unfortunately the other side did.

During the court battle I was told by the judge not to take my children out of state. Well,I tried doing it their way and doing visitation the way i was told it had to be. Let me also say CPS or any other agency was not involved in fact because my children were in good health clean and taken care of CPS told my children’s Aunt they would not get involved. My oldest was 12 years old at the time,he wanted to talk to the judge and speak for himself,his brother and sister (he is the oldest and felt he needed to take care of his younger siblings. The judge refused to hear him.
In January 2000 I got my kids for Christmas I took them and left to my brother’s in Louisiana. I enrolled my sons into school and LA contacted WA for school records in those records were court papers,I was arrested that night and my children were put in foster care til their aunt came and got them. LA did allow me to see them and tried everything possible for my kids and I to be together. They just couldn’t find a loop whole. I was extradited from LA to WA and spent 3 months in jail received 1 year probation 200 something hours of community service and a hefty fine for doing what the judge said i was not to do. In March of 2000 i got out of jail and of course the first thing I did was shower,then call my kids aunt to let her know i was out and wanted to see my kids. Needless to say she was not pleased but had no choice but to allow me to see them. of course it had to be supervised because now I was an endangerment to my kids and may run with them again. That didn’t happen. I left on my own in August 2000 to Houston,Texas because i was told Texas does not agree with Washington laws. When I got here I called my kids aunt and let her know where I was and how to contact me. In 1 months time i was sending for her and her son and my 3 children. Yes you read that right after everything she put my children through she returned them to me in September 2000. Because I am not a horrible person and she did have her son. I let her stay with me for a few months. Mind you she was collecting welfare for my children during this time she was here (I did not know this until after a few months) I couldn’t figure out why the Welfare department still wanted money from me. I called them and turns out she was still collecting money so I very calmly try explaining to these people that she is not even in Washington anymore and she has given children back to me. Because she had not called and told them this I am evidently lying and she is doing nothing wrong. So for almost a year she is collecting welfare for my children while i am supporting my children and her and giving to the state of Washington. During this time I had my probation,community service, etc switched to Texas. Well as you can see my money was going to other places so I could not pay the fines any longer. In March of 2010 the state of Washington put out an all state’s Warrant for me. I did not know this. Well I found out in March of 2012. Because I was subpoenaed as a witness. Come to find out they do a back ground check on you when this happens. The DA in Texas had me arrested and I spent 4 days in jail until the DA in WA released the hold on me. I then find out that the warrant will not be dropped until they get the fine money from me. So as of now the county clerk in Wa who is very helpful and caring is trying to get said fines lowered. I am hoping that when I get this paid I will be able to get this expunged. I do know i went against the judges wishes on taking my kids when i was told not to. But I also feel it was a waste of time for the courts and everyone else involved not to mention psychology issues on my children. I did do counseling for my children and have 3 wonderful children my sons have graduated and have steady jobs,are married and they have blessed me with Grand babies. My daughter will be in 11th grade this year and wants to graduate a year and a half early by going to night school which her school offers. She has been commended for Taaks and is honor roll. We consider what their dads family did to us all those years ago a lump in the road. I should say I did not go back to court to get my children back she voluntarily brought them to me. I did have her put in writing that she did indeed hand them back over to me and had it notarized and as of April 2012 the county clerk in WA has put said papers in the files.
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