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I tried to protect my children and my neighborhood from a increasing number of drug dealers and thugs moving into the area. I first called police they could not do anything.

They suggested I start a neighborhood watch. I thought that would be a great idea. Little did I know the dealers and thugs were watching me instead. Because I attempted this I was harased threatened and stalked. Again I called police and they could not do much other than ride through the neighborhood.

One night I got into my car to go to the store and was followed by a group of people that I had seen previously in my neighborhood when got out of my car they started to yell out things. So I got back in and headed back home. This car followed me back into the neighborhood and then swung back around and cut me off they all got out standing around my car.

I was trapped I screamed for help and honked my horn. I was still in my car but before I could roll up my window a woman reached in and punched me in the side of the head while struggling to get her off of me someone else reached in over her and gashed me in the top of the head with something.

Before I knew there were even more people surrounding my car but none of them were trying to help me instead they was cheering on those that were attacking me. Then a man walked up and yanked open my door so I started struggling to get the door closed I heared someone say take her out and stomp her A–.

Then I realized I had to get out of there quick. At that time a car passed by and the man steped back but the woman was still hitting me. So I was able to pull the door shut. I then took off but the woman was still hanging on and she was hit by my car.

I was charged with aggravated battery later reduced to aggravated assault with 5 yrs probation and ajudication withheld and all those people stuck together and said I was at fault.

The woman admitted to hitting me but no one else did instead they all told lies to help her out of the charges she was facing.

This was traumatic I thought for sure the truth would come out and someone would step forward and tell the truth but that did not happen instead all those people were used to build a bogus case against me.

I was shocked I had never had any issues with the law not even a traffic ticket. I always thought the legal system was there to protect and serve and I had faith in that. But now I am labeled a violent criminal and that label saddens me more than anything because that is the farthest thing from the truth.

I no longer can get a job or volunteer at my childs school . I then find out I am not even eligable for sealing or expunging because of the type of charge it is. Even with ajudication withheld. I have no hope of ever living a normal life again. Family and friends say well just explain what happened but I am tired of reliving that night over and over again. I just want my life back to normal again.

User story by JENI in FLORIDA

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