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Well I was 17 and very stupid back then, just was trying to be something I wasn’t and made the bad mistake of selling drugs (cocain) to be specific. I stopped selling 2 months before i turned 18. 3 months after i turned 18 i got arrested on a secret indictment. This was my first offence ever, and i did a little time in jail, had alot of fines and 5years probation. I got off of probation in just under 2 years for good behavior. Its been 15 years since my arrest and 13 years since ive been off probation. I cant get the jobs i want, i cant go hunting with family hence gun, and even being in the armed forces and being a police officer have all been stripped from me from a stupid mistake and bad decision as a KID. I have kids now, both are autistic, i could be providing way more then i do without this fellony, i have a good job but i can have a better one and 2 special needs children deserve better. I mean all i do is go to work come home to them provide for them and love them. I am a family man now and i want my dignity back. Its been long enough. Wasnt god forgiving if you have repent? It was one time 15 years ago and nothing has happened since, not even a traffic ticket. Why am I being treated like a repeat offender?

                                           by Les S.
User story by Les in ohio

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