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I was told by my partner not to come home but she had my cell phone. I called to tell her I was coming to get my cell phone and she replied ok. I went to the house not knowing that she had called the police and told them that I was stalking her.
Upon the arrival of the officer he approach me and hit me in the mouth with his flash light without even reading me my rights. I retaliated due to the fact that I wasn’t rowdy, nor was I making a seen. I feel as though she had set me up so she could get assistance for the domestic violence office to get housing because she was going to be evicted. She did get assistance and I got lock up for eight in a half months. I didn’t state that in court due to the fact I have a child by her, wasn’t working at the time, and I had a previous domestic charge against her.
She was always putting her hands on me and when the police was call they did nothing and they always took her side. She was arrested in 2007 for stabbing me with a ice pick. Even after we stop seeing each other she would come and make a seen to try and provoke me.

User story by Timoth A. in Florida

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