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Hello, im writing to shed light on my situation I don’t want pity or sadness just tools an support on correcting my wrong doing. when my crime was considered a crime. I was 17 going on 18 what would have been a promising career in sports. Changed my goals in life over a dumb choice. I have 2Ā misdormenersĀ becauseĀ Ā of a bad choice. I am a adult now, have been granted jobs an have attended college since. then this situation, pops up anĀ it creates problems for me to apply for a career I want in life. They forget everyone is human if my creator forgives why cant section’s in law forgive? Since then I have worked with youth, finished college with a bachelors an set goals for my life. All im writing about this very moment. Is to state this, when you are more of a positive vessel to your community than bad, you have no choice but to allow the good out way the bad. I encourage all theĀ STORIESĀ SHARED keep your head up someone or something will turn around for the better!!!

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  1. Comfort Batiste says:

    Hello,My name is Comfort Batiste im writing because I’am begging for help to expunge my record.I was 19 when i recieved my felony charge,aggravated assault.My past has really haunted me.I have a family of three now,I’am a single parent who have completely turned my life around.It’s

    been a struggle for me over the years, trying to raise my kids getting paid with minimum wage,because a decent job wont even allow me a interview once i fill out the application and i let them know that I’am a convicted felon,despite how many years ago it was.Society dont even give you a chance anymore to show that people do make mistakes when they are younger and peole can change.Thanks for listening to my cry for help.

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