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My name is Robert,Im going to tell my story and keep it very short.I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with some one else but was not the person who did the crime.The other person got away and I didnt tell the police who the other person was so I was locked up.I took probation just to get out of jail because I was just sitting there.I did not know that I had 30 days to appeal until a few days before my 30 days were up.I had a public pretender and they did not even see me to talk about it.Now its hard getting jobs because I did not have the proper knowledge or help to get a retrial.This all took place in 2002 but its following me for life,something I didnt even do.I thought I could get my record sealed at least but the test said different.I served my time why am I still being punished?Can anybody tell what to do about this?

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