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In 1995 I committed a federal crime (felony) and was duly sentenced to 3 years probation and to pay restitution of almost $60,000. I completed all the terms of the court successfully. I heard it was impossible to receive a federal expungement and heard somewhere, cant remember that if you joined the military and received an honarable disharge it would erase your record, the facts of that were not 100% true. So I seeked attorneys throughout Florida to find out what I can do. At no success I was unable to get the info I desired. All I got was alot of very expensive quotes for representation and with no guarantee of the outcome. I then spoke with a person in the North East part of the country seeking other alternatives, much to my surprise with the info that was given to me I followed that and in June of 2009 I successfully was granted a federal expungement. After all the quotes of no less than $20,000, I did the whole expungement for less than $100, including parking fees, filing fees, gas, and stamps. I am now licensed to carry a weapon again and all my rights have been restored. It took a long time to get here but it was worth the wait. If you  want something hard enough you can acheive it.  Most states are different and there protocols are far more difficult to accomplish but follow there rules and you never know what may happen. I am definitely for the ruling for GIVING A SECOND CHANCE to a person who is deserving of it. I hope this story finds someone and gives them the motivation to press on and dont give up. By the way I am just a high school graduate with no college education, so if I can accomplish this you surely can. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant get one, cause that is what started me in the first place. Good luck to all of those seeking to get an expungement

User story by Keith in Florida

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  1. utelme says:

    you inspire me Kieth thanks for sharing

  2. Kel says:

    Can you please explain how you accomplished this? My drug conspiracy chard is from 1993. Was my only offense. All attorneys tell me the only way to get my record expunged is with a presidential pardon. Please shed some light on your method. Thanks a million.

    • keith says:

      the presidential pardon would most likely be impossible, and a presidential pardon does not expunge your record trust me, its would be nice to have but it doesnt. if youd like to email me feel free i would explain, remember certain states are different, but hey like I said look what happened to me. [email protected]

  3. Teresa says:

    I am in sc and need info on how to expunge a federal conviction from my record. Thank you for any help you can provide. Congratulations on your expungement

  4. Alex says:

    Hi Keith
    This is fantastic and congrats! I have a Federal Felony from 1996 and haven’t been able to find any information on Federal expungements at all. Could you give me a few more details?

  5. Leonard says:

    I have a aiding to pass counterfeit from 2004, I would greatly like to hear how exactly you accomplished he expungement.

  6. David Wertheimer says:

    There seems to be a conflict in the claims you are making? State laws will not have any laws concerning the expungement of a federalconviction and likewise a state conviction in cannot be expunged through federal action, except viw a Petition for writ of habeas corpus, and that’s a big, big fight. Sooo, what’s the “looking at state laws” for federal expungement, business?

  7. Eddie says:

    I also had a federal case. Did my time, paid my restitution off and completed ALL of my post supervision. Been released 8 months early, and I’m trying to get my record expunged. I would really like to know who to contact regarding getting my federal record expunged if possible.

    Can anyone please help me with some info? also since it was a federal case, will I need an attorney from where my case was from? Or does it matter where I get an attorney from? or heck will I need one at all?.. man do i have lots of questions… Any help from anyone with good info/advice would be greatly appreciated… Thank you

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