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I had a Korean girlfriend for 4 years.  We were in love.  I have photos and proof of our 4 year relationship showing her with my family and vacations we took together.  She wanted to get her permanent residence here in the US.  I was going through Bankruptcy at the time and she know of my difficulties.  She offered to help me with my financial problems and gave me some money to help me.  I offered to help her with her residency problems and told her that I would marry her so she could become natrualized here in the USA.  She had a massage businesses and employed illegal aliens and I told her that I wanted her to get out of this businesses and do something else.  She promised to get out of the business soon and I told her that if she was not out of the business by the time she got her permanent residency, I would divorce her and she would have to pay for the divorce costs. I put this agreement in writing so I could hold her to it.  I had gone through a divorce in the past and the lawyer costs were insane and I did not want to have to pay lawyer fees for another divorce if she didnt keep her promise to me.  I was already trying to rebuild my financial life.  We truely loved each other and our relationship was 100% real.  When we got married she continued to live in her city to be close to her business.  We got together a few time a week, she came to my house and entered the house with her own key.   She was my wife.  She got in trouble with immigration when they found out that she was employing illegal aliens at her business.  They dug into our personal life and because we didnt live together they charged us with marriage fraud.  The ICE agents followed her to my house and saw her come into my house with her own key.  They raided her house and took everthing.  They took her car and every dollar she had.  They found our written agreement as well.  They didnt know all the details of our relationship or our agreement and assumed that our marriage was fake.  IT WAS NOT!!  I was broke and could not afford a good lawyer, the lawyer I did get had no interest in fighting for me and scared me into just pleading guilty to avoid a potential prision sentance and huge fine.  I agreed so that I would only get probation and now I have a felony and can not find employment.  I have never been in trouble with the law my whole life, I am a 57 year old sales/marketing executive with a great resume.  I can not get a job with the felony label on my record.  I am tagged as a criminal and am treated like a second class citizen, I hurt no one and was only trying to help someone I loved.  I am being treated the same as a dangerous criminal who used a weapon to commit a crime!! I can’t vote and I can’t own a gun.  I am a second class citizen in my own country.  I am unemployed, broke and desperate for help.  I can not get unemployment or any kind of help at all.  I have fallen through the cracks of society and my country has turn its back on me.  I have no chance to work and earn money and not become a burden on my family.  Something should be done to change the penalty for the kind of felonies that fall into this category.  I am not a criminal, I am not a bad person, I have a lot to offer, I am not allowed to be a productive member of society.  This is not humane or fair.

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