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In October of 1996, I was convicted of assault and battery for defending myself against my alcoholic father. Also, in May of 2003, I was convicted of assault and battery for defending my children against an abusive caregiver. Since the convictions,(first offense lapsing 16 years and second offense 9 years) I have been working as a certified Nursing Assistant. In February of 2009, I lost my job of 8 years as a CNA. When I went to apply for another CNA position,I was denied employment because of my convictions. I am only 38 years old and it seems as if my life has ended due to the fact that these convictions are holding me back from continuing to be a productive citizen in this society. I have three children, who depends on me to take care of them. I have paid my debt to society and I have taken responsibility for my actions and I feel that I deserve another chance.

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