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My name is Darold Blakely and I am starting to get my life back together but now that I am back in Texas I cant find a job..I have not been in trouble in over 11yrs and when people do background checks on me all the misdemeanors i have are still current.I now reside in houston.I have my forklift licesnse but cant get work because of my criminal history..Please i need help..I went to T.D.C.J. in 2000…I got married in 2005..My mom died in 2010 I moved back to Texas in 2010 from Louisiana…I went into a homeless shelter, been there 6months now me and my family have a apartment off Tidwell from the income tax we recieved been there 2months…since then I have been loooking for a job but my backgrounds checks keep coming back bad….

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