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I was living in in inaapropiate adulterous relation ship with an emotionally unstable woman, who was heerself moested as a child and taking was takinf psychotropic drugs at the time.  She had confided to me that her 7-year-old duaghter had bee molested by her biological father.  I was asleep in bed downstaits when we were both awakened by the child screamig “Get out of my room!” We both went upstairs to investigate and then called the police.  The woman thnen took the police aside and told them she suspected me.  I believe the little girl had a flashback to when her father molested her. This little girl was extemely bright and had a penchant for acrting in school plays.  I believe heer mother coached her nto lying in court.  I told the D.A. “No deals,” took it to a jury trial and lost.

User story by Emery E. in allegedly child's Bedoom

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