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First, I would like to thank this system for a great opportunity to a individual such as my self to part take in the wonderful experience on making my words being read….

Well, let start by saying this (being a convicted felon sucks) I’ve been convicted of an felon for over 5 years the CHARGE BURG/Dwelling I was given probation three years.
I ended up violating my probation term and was sent to prison where I was sentence to three years four months (and if I most say that is a experience in my life that I wish I would never encounter again as well as no one should ever get put in a situation like that).. But that’s not the point,did you ever got put in detention,then you tell yourself your NOT getting put back in detention,but what you didn’t know is the detention was issued for a year (in this case more then a year)being convicted of an felon is like being place in a situation where your not suppose to find a way to get out not only is it hard to get out it all so makes matters worst in reality where you not only get judge by the Judge but your surrounding as well it puts you in a position where you can’t get a job and that’s just some of things you can’t do while having felony on your records just imagine someone living with a felony or someone you know with a felony just stop and think for a second how things may be in that person shoes….

Being convicted sucks having it on your record it affects you in the long run it’s a big major disappointment in life …………


User story by Oje B. in Florida

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