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In 2001 I committed a crime out of survival, when I look at it now I call it being young and dumb. At the time I was 22 years old. I had recently left an abusive marriage and moved in with my mother. I was working and saving money to get me and my young daughter’s ages 4 and 5 years old at the time a place to call our own. My sister and her son was also staying with my mother. At the time I would give her what I could to help out with the bills and at the same time I was trying to save to get my own place. I’ve always been independent. Well one day my mom told me that me and my girls had to get out. So I took her gun and went and robbed a store to get a place for me and my girls. Needless to say I got caught. I received a 10 year sentence for my first offense and isolated incident. I’ve been home since 6-6-2011. In November of 2011 I had 2 jobs and my own apartment without any kind of support, meaning mental, emotional, or physical support. All I can say is if it was not for God I do not know where I’d be. Right now I still currently hold two jobs, go to school for Business Management, and I started a class today in the nursing field which I will get state certified and will never be able to put that certification to use because of my criminal record. I currently reside in the state of New York where I was born and raised at. The two jobs that I have barely gets me by but I do not complain. It’s individuals out there that have degree without a criminal record and cannot find employment, and at the same time I want to do something that I love to do and that is caring for people. Unfortunately I never will because of a dumb decision that I made when I was younger. I accept responsibility for my actions, and at the same time what happened to second chances. What happened to America helping their people out when those people want and try to aspire for a better life.
Please help me achieve my dreams and destiny by changing the law. I really need my record expunged in order for me to be all that i am capable of being for my daughters sake and my own sake.

User story by Sharo Thomas in Florida

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