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My story began in my mother falling ill as I was being demobilized for having served our country. During the time of my mother’s illness, her sister, a police officer, worked up a web of deception. While my mother was battling her illness, unbeknownst to my siblings and
I, her sister was manipulating her way into becoming the executor of my
mother’s estate in the event of her passing away. She used her knowledge of the court system to keep me and my siblings from being able to help protect our mother from being taken advantage of during her illness.  To make a long story short, when her sister faced scrutiny by the people to whom she was lying (hospital and nursing home administrators), her way of making her lies the truth was to file a protective order against me to justify her lies about me being violent. The truth was that she was afraid of me because of accomplishments as a military veteran. I went to court without an attorney for being accused of yelling at her, calling her a vicious devil, and throwing a pillow at her. The judge put me on a one year protective order but did not order me into anger management classes. I was told to stay away from my mother’s sister for that one year. Well, during the one year my mother’s sister lied and reported me for violating the protective order. As a result, a warrant was issued for my arrest that I had no idea about. When I found out about it, I paid an attorney $1500 to represent me. The attorney went to court on my behalf, advised me to plead “no contest” and said that I’d get probation. My attorney also told me that the arrest, charges, and deferred adjudication would come off of my record in two years. I agreed, ended up on probation for nine months and expected to be able to live my life without the stain of the manipulation that I had to endure. Well here I am now, finding out that I cannot have my record sealed or expunged.

Well, now my mother is deceased and this whole situation has been very damaging to my self-esteem. I have mixed thoughts about the criminal justice system and now that I find that my attorney lied to me and I really cannot have my record sealed or expunged, I don’t know what to think or do. I’m blessed to have had someone to pull some strings to help me to get employment, but I work in a place where the people have violated my privacy and know what’s on my record. It’s embarrassing to have people to know what’s going on with you and use what they know about you to further their agendas. I feel like I am in a box. The only way that I can get out of the box is to become an entrepreneur. Truthfully, I really fear failure with becoming an entrepreneur, but it seems to be my only option in escaping the difficulties associated with being judged and denied employment that is more suitable for me.

My prayer is that the laws be changed so that people like me can have the freedom of not experiencing injustice beyond the criminal justice system.


User story by Injustice To a Military Veteran in Texas

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