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I met A Man at 23, I was managing a restraint In my small town I was born and raised In, I,myself still herd Circleville, ohio, he took a lining to me promised me the world, moved here and opened A franchise of Rumpkee Trash and Waste here, It turned violent, I could not get out, he said he would mill me and he would’ve, All of the Police and Sherrifs were on his side because he was the general manager of a corporation he brought here, I won A jury trail where he charged me with domestic violence, but that’s when the he’ll began, he had money fought me for custody of my son, won because of money, I fought till I had no money left, he got remarried to a female convict he brought to this town, my town, I was born and raised, she phycially abused my son at 5yrs old, he had custody, I paid child support but had him also, I paid childcare while I worked also. I had no money for an attorney to get custody back even I knew my son was being abused, when they finally pressed charges on her for child abuse they left In the middle of the night after my ex, her husband bailed her out,I continued to pay child support, had my son, never saw Jerry lee Welsh again , when Christian was 9 years old, I could no longer pay child support, child care, and our living expenses, no one believed he was gone, I told the judge, he put me In jail for 30 day’s, but I was In court 6 times during that time, the judge finally saw he was gone, gave me a court appointed attorney and finally at 10 Christian was finally mine, full custody, but they need er went after Jerry Welsh his father for anything, no money, no charges for child abuse, but my name kept coming up In charges I didn’t do here, In Circleville leville, his wife looks like me but as I hear In the mug shots there are no pictures, I hear It’s still happening, through temp service es, my SS# Is messed up, and I’ve paid In from the age of 14, we’ll I’ more raising Christian I,myself now homeless, No Insurance so I can get In better health, I don’t know what the future gods for me but I’m truly scare, please help me. Thank You Geneva W.

User story by Geneva W. in Circleville, OhioSS#still being used In crimes, talked to detectives here In Circleville,Ohio, they know I'm. A victim of identity theft but will not help me, will It ever stop, My health Is so bad over It, I truly afraid of dying.

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