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I was married to a police officer, who was cheating.  His girlfriend told him she was pregnant.  He came home and started a fight with me. He placed his hands around my neck and began to choke me.  I broke free of his hands and beat him up.  He called authorities to the house, they came took statements and because he called first, they arrested me.  I was held for three days, when I went before the judge and states attorney, they looked at my size compared to his and set a date for trial. My ex-husband didn’t show up to court and the states attorney dismissed the case.  I thought that was the end of things.  In April of 2012, I applied for a position at a hospital in Florida, they informed me that I would have to submit to a background check.  The 2004 arrest came up, although I wasn’t convicted, I prohibited me from obtaining employment.  I was further informed that if I didn’t get it taken care of my career in the medical field would be stifled.  I then search the internet for help in expunging my arrest record.  I am looking forward to the help that will clear me, so that I can continue to financially provide shelter, food, clothing and save for my future.

User story by J. A. Seaton in Illinois

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