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As a former Eagle Scout , I was taught to ” help other people at all times ”

When I was confronted with what thought was an abused unloved foster child , ” i Offered to see if I could help, by offering ” possible foster or adoptive placement with me.
“it was all an illegal due process, entrapment sting operation .”
It was so blatant , that the state prosecutor had to trick & fool the grand jury, by not reading applicable laws and , violated my constitutional rights , by purposely and knowingly Not reading the laws of entrapment , as the new jersey rules of say he must.
state v hogan state v gohran,
how can you purposely prosecute an innocent man , when every facet of evidence was purposely tampered with by the state to make ” an act of kindness ” into horrible crime.
I even have a world famous computer forensic expert DR Rebecca M.,
who can easily prove , tampering with evidence , chain of custody isssues and obstruction of justice .
PLease help me
User story by P. N. in new jersey

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